Friday, July 7, 2017

Creating and using an academic word and question kit

In this video, I talk you through the process for creating an academic word and question kit, so you can generate lots of different free-writing prompts related to your research. The credit goes to Lynda Barry and Ebony Flowers who developed this idea together.

You will need some index cards. Cut some in half - you will use these for words related to your research (plus some unrelated words for fun). On the other cards, write questions. Each question should have a blank in it, to be filled by a word from the word cards. Get creative with the questions! I've listed some example questions below the video.

What is the opposite of ____ ?
What does ____ want?
What animal does ____ remind you of the most?
How is ____ like a monster?
What happens if ____ gets wet?
Does ____ live in our minds?
What does common sense about ____ get right?
Why can metaphors be a problem with ____ ?
What happens when ____ breaks?
What is important about ____ ?
Tell a lie about ____ .
What is the best environment for ____ ?
What makes ____ so alluring?
What does ____ have to do with time?
What if ____ fell on the ground?

Post any additional questions in the comments!

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